Eating Out on IP Phase 1- Black Bear Diner 9026 E 71st St, Tulsa

Great place for Phase 1, Keto, and Families

Black Bear Diner Tri-tip Steak

Dinner salad, no cheese! I did forget to ask for the carrots to be left off.

This was a new restaurant for us. Right on 71st across from Woodland Hills Mall. Kind of rustic and a great place to get a good Phase 1 meal while your family enjoys more of the comfort foods. We got the “large plate” and it was plenty to share a few bites and for lunch the next day.
Salad appeared fresh and not to be from a bag, cold and crisp. The tri-tip was tender and juicy. There were several choices of both meat types and vegetables that were on the Protocol.

There was grilled chicken and blackened fish available and you can see the vegetables were steamed with garlic and tasted very fresh. Couldn’t really get a good picture of the menu,
below is a link to their web page.
It is made like an old newspaper and very extensive. We will definitely be going back.
They have also recently opened in Owasso as well.
Moderately priced $$ Dinner for 2 was $40 including tip but no drinks.